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Belinda Esther Oliver, or as she is affectionately called “Bee” or “Queen Bee,” is a visionary administrator and author of “The Prophetic Prayers of the Proverbs 31 Woman” and “The Love Journey Series.” Also, she is the founder of “Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments™,” and the brands “A Ruth Moment™,” “Everybody Needs A Queen™,” “Everybody Needs A King™.”

Belinda is quite aware that freedom often begins in the mind first and that the cognitive thought process plays a significant role in societal struggles. Her bachelor’s degree in Psychology (June 2014) has increased her skillset in coaching, and her ability to see visionary components in the lives of others allows her to share information to assist in a life change. She loves to help people and realizes ‘assisting’ is her passion. She is a certified Life Coach and has a Master’s in Science in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership (Nonprofit track). This degree is part of the academic criteria she believes is necessary as she and the team build foundations for Kingdom Cultures and provisionary substance. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling (MFT).

She believes in healthy marriages, and often you might find her having a conversation with some of the men in helping them to understand their wives. Her goal is to make sure they are aware that they have a responsibility to love their wives as Christ loves His people. On the other hand, she instructs wives to unselfishly love their husbands, and that submission truly holds power. It is quite clear that her coaching and words of wisdom are never gender-biased. 

Belinda Esther Oliver Author Speaker Marriage and Relationship Expert


Over the years, she has honed her expertise in understanding people by using psychological components, coaching, and counseling skills to help people identify the root of their problem. This process is ALWAYS done in love. It is never her desire to emotionally harm the person she is interacting with as they delve into the issue. She has realized in the process of creating and sharing content from the Love Journey series, that “Love Changes Everything.”

Belinda continues to author books that deal with practical daily living and healthy relationships. She uses “Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments™” as a tool to give readers insight into, and clarity about, various situations in their lives from a Godly perspective. Belinda believes, “The only limitations you will encounter are the ones you put on yourself.” She firmly believes one must make an effort to change and be an active participant in the process. Belinda is all about change for herself and her community. Thus, she continues to be a renowned visionary scribe.

Honor Cords (Delta Kappa Phi - Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society)

Belinda stands in the role of mother and supporter to three young men and a daughter-in-law.  Scott, a culinary chef, who graduated from Johnson & Wales University (2012); Joshua, an Airman/Air Force (2013) (Tiara) and Josiah, who is pursuing academic criteria as a sports medicine student.

She is a grandmother!  The newest addition to the family is Master Alexander James McKnight, who was born in Hawaii on August 10, 2019. Also, in Hawaii, during December 2016, Master Noah Keoni McKnight made his appearance. Whereas, Master Jordan Israel McKnight was born in Germany during December 2014. Their parents are Joshua and Tiara.

The only limitations you will encounter are the ones you put on yourself.


Belinda's Love Notes

Love changes everything.

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